Restorative Exercise

What is Restorative Exercise? In a nutshell, Restorative Exercise helps people fill in some of their weak spots with corrective exercises so they have stronger more functional bodies. Restorative Exercise can help you if you want any or all of the following:

  • Feet that feel better
  • Calves that feel supple
  • Stable ankles
  • Knees and hips that last a lifetime
  • Decreased tension in shoulders, jaws, and head
  • A back that holds its own and supports you
  • Overall better health

Restorative exercise helps coax your body into a better version of yourself with gentle yet challenging exercises. You’ll get stronger and more stable as you learn better ways to sit, stand and move. You may even find yourself swinging from monkey bars or squatting to look at a pretty flower. The possibilities are endless!

Whether you are an active person or even if you don’t exercise, or if you just want something new and challenging, you can benefit from Restorative Exercise. You’ll gain better balance, better sleep, and better overall health. Come play with us today! Contact Laura for more info and sessions.