Running – a Whole Body Experience

Running has been a big part of my life since I ran my first marathon in 1985, Really, before that – I got caught up in the first running boom in the 70s. I loved learning about it even back then, with Jim Fixx’s book being my first foray into the study of running (look at those shoes, too!). After my long time on again/off again affair with running, I got back into it through triathlon, and eventually started moving back to longer distances. I ran my second marathon in 2005, and qualified for the Boston marathon, which I ran in 2006.

My true love – trail running – started after that and I ran distances from 10K to 55K, with the 25K being my favorite. Any day spent in the woods on the trail is a day well spent! These days, I’m more of a ‘retired runner’ but still enjoy helping others find their feet in running.

From 2006-2017 I was a certified Chi Running and Chi Walking instructor where I loved helping hundreds of people find ways to move more freely and joyfully in their bodies, and enjoy running to its fullest. Much of what I learned from studying Restorative Exercise has informed my teaching, especially as it applies to all areas of one’s daily life, not just while running.

If you are looking to start running, or to improve your abilities and see what your body can do, I’d love to help! I work both one on one and in small groups. Let me know how I can help you!