Walk Better, Feel Better

Walking is man’s best medicine. – Hippocrates

Walking is one of the best exercises – a whole body exercise – that you can do. Benefits, to name a few, are:

  • Moves/uses more muscles overall
  • Helps the pelvic floor respond more reflexively
  • Improves cardiovascular health
  • Builds mental and physical health, community, and confidence
  • Saves on gas (learn what it means to ‘stack your life’!)

Do you have chronic pain issues related to walking? Plantar fasciitis? Shin splints, or pain in your feet, or back, or hips? Do you want a safe and effective way to restore your body to health and improves your well being? If any of that (and more), then let’s get started!

You’ll learn all about how your alignment – yours! – affects your body from the ground up. Here’s what you will get:

  • An initial session to assess your gait
  • Restorative Exercises designed to help you become more functional and stronger
  • Motivation to move daily
  • Group walks monthly or more with like-minded people

If this speaks to you, contact me and we can discuss your questions and goals. Email me to set up a free phone consultation – I look forward to hearing from you!